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SISTER CITY SINCE 1995: Opole, Poland

Opole, Poland MapOpole, capital of the Opole region, has a population of 130,000 and covers approximately 60 sq. miles. It straddles the Odra River in Poland’s Silesian Lowlands. The first traces of Western Slavs’ settlements begin the end of the 8th century. Opole town was established in 1211-1217.

As an important railway junction and capital city in Silesia, on international route E-40 and national highways to Warsaw and Poznan, Opole is a center for industry, trade banking, culture and education. The Odra River is also part of West-Eurpoean waterways for commercial traffic.

Opole’s health services are: 5 hospitals; 43 out-patient clinics; 3 eldercare homes; educational services: 47 nursery, 30 primary, 49 vocational and 6 general secondary schools,; two higher education schools and a branch of Catholic University in Lublin, ehere 10,600 students study in 18 different facilities.

The city operates a central heating plant, water treatment and sweage facilities. Popular sports include: tennis, swimming, and skating. Hotels can accomodate 400 guests, Four musuems, 3 cinemas and 22 libraries provide special activities.

Many nationwide annual cultural events are in Opole:

  • The Festival of Polish Songs
  • The Annual Theater Review called “Polish Classics”
  • Opole Days of Oratorior/Oratorio Festival
  • International Dog Show
  • International Investment/Food Fair called “AGROPOL”
  • Building Goods Fair called “My House”
  • Many other smaller events

A “500 yr. flood” in 1997 caused major damage to the city, from which it is steadily recovering. We have assisted the fine Chopin School of Music in this endeavor.